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Professional Development

The page provides educational reference on architectural lighting design for students, professionals and lighting enthusiasts. We will keep updating relevant educational material in this page for our users.


Lighting Glossary This lighting glossary combines terms that are used in architectural lighting design and lighting simulation. The interdisciplinary nature of the work of the lighting designer is reflected by terms originating in architecture, radiometry, photometry, colorimetry, metereology, physiology, psychology, mathematics, geometry and computer graphics.

Philips Lightolier Lightolier’s “Lessons in Lighting” is a FREE online course on lighting fundamentals, and is intended for those new to the lighting industry or for professionals looking to “brush up” on their basic lighting knowledge.

Nuckolls Fund for Lighting Education Free teaching modules on Nuckolls Fund website. The first major educational resource is the seven-module course guide, ‘Lighting across the Design Curriculum’, developed by a team of lighting educators led by Professor Katherine S. Ankerson of Kansas State University.