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Facade Lighting

Introduction to Facade Lighting

People find the nightscapes around them created by illuminated building façades. These façades facilitate orientation, convey messages, communicate emotions and create attention. Contemporary lighting solutions for building façades need to create added value for local authorities or have architectural or economic merit by making a location more beautiful and safer, showing a building off in the right light or getting a positive corporate image across.

The effective illumination of facades can turn a building into a real eye-catcher. Façade Lighting accentuates the architecture and impressively emphasizes the key features of the elevation. The interplay between light and shadow increases overall vividness. Achieving this demands great aesthetic design sensibility with special significance to emotional lighting concepts, colour temperature, coloured light, Dynamic lighting changes giving a new appearance to buildings at night through artificial light. https://www.uop.edu.jo/download/research/members/[Architecture_Ebook]_ERCO_Handbook_of_Lighting_Design.pdf

Nowadays, however, lighting solutions also need to be sustainable, save resources and prevent unnecessary light pollution. An intelligent, resource-saving combination of façade lighting meets functional and aesthetic requirements, creates new urban spaces and lends a unique quality to architecture at night. http://www.zumtobel.com/PDB/Teaser/EN/AWB_Fassade_und_Architektur.pdf