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There is one fundamental fact about lighting: Where there is no light, there is no beauty.

- Billy Baldwin, Ruby Ross Wood

‘Lighting has the power to transform any space’ believe Sai, a lighting designer. These lighting enthusiasts who have witnessed and also themselves put to practice the wonders of lighting in many successful projects, also realize that often lighting is less understood and overlooked by many – undermining the true potential of the space.

Get Light is product of this passion for Lighting and the belief that the subject needs to be understood better. In simple terms, Sai set up Get Light to help everyone; professional designers and customers discover the world of lighting.

It is a professionally managed warehouse of information on products, manufacturers and best practices in the world of lighting. Get ideas to light a space, get the latest on products and technology, review products, stay updated about the happenings in the world of lighting and yes, browse through the searchable database to zero down on the right product for your requirement.

You could also drop in a mail to info@togetlight.com if you want to share your experiences with this community or if we could give you some suggestions.

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